How To Repair Concrete Steps

Are you worried that your concrete steps may be starting to get damaged? Perhaps they’re already quite old and thus, starting to show signs of wear and tear? It is only natural for concrete steps to start cracking even with proper and frequent maintenance, especially when it has already been served for some years.

You may also realize that concrete step cracks appear when the steps are taking too much pressure. Lots of homeowners also deal with the same thing, these problems, and that is why professionals are here to do the job. 

How To Repair Cracked Concrete Steps

Although it is best for experts to handle these types of jobs, any normal homeowners may also deal with the reapers themselves so long as the damage is not too drastic. Here are some steps that can repair cracked concrete steps:

Preparing For The Repairs

Before going through any operation, it is always best to first start by conditioning and preparing. Aside from preparing the necessary equipment, you will be using, you also need to condition the surface by clearing out the loose parts. You do so by using a wire brush and putty knife. If there are hanging pieces of concrete, you can chip them away using a hammer and chisel.

Cleaning The Surface

When the chipped-away parts are already cleared out, you can then proceed to clean the surface. You can do so by using some plain solution of dish soap and water. Just some normal cleaning should be enough, nothing fancy required. Even though it is just some normal cleaning, it is still important to be thorough when scrubbing the concrete surface with a brush. 

When you’re done with the scrubbing, you can then proceed to utilize a hose in order to remove all dirt and soap with clean water. Using a spray nozzle would allow the hose to cleanse the surface better and easier.

If there is a pressure washer available, then it may be a great alternative to use in order to remove the small, loose concrete debris pieces and also to cleanse the soap off. Whatever method and tool you decide to use to remove the soap, always remember to allow the concrete to dry before making repairs.

Mix The Concrete

When it comes to efficiently repair concrete, using another mix of concrete can be a great method. After doing all the necessary preparations, you can then proceed to mix the cement and work with it. While working with these concrete mixes, keep in mind that different brands of cement also have their very own different recommended ratios of water to product for mixing, so be sure to follow the packaging’s instructions. 

Since you’re only mixing concrete to use for repairs, there’s no need to mix a lot. A small amount should be enough. This is the typical case as too much may end up making the mixture dry out, which would ultimately lead it to crumbling.

Applying The Concrete

Before applying the mixed concrete, it is best to first wet the surface. You can use a simple water spray. Build up the broken section in layers. First, press concrete into the broken section with the margin trowel. At this point, you are only aiming to add mass, not form, to that section.

Additionally, while the mass fill is still wet, bring more concrete over with the margin trowel and pat it into place. Initially, you will need slightly more concrete than is required for that section. Sculpt the corner or the edge with the trowel. Place excess concrete back in the bucket. Smooth out the concrete fill so that it is flush with the rest of the step.


Spray down the concrete patch with the spray bottle and keep it lightly wet for 24 hours. Do not permit traffic on the steps until the patch is fully cured.

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It is true that concrete repairs don’t need professional work so long as the damage isn’t too bad. However, if you’re not sure how to work with concrete, or perhaps you don’t have time to deal even with small cracks, you can leave it to the experts. They can properly repair your concrete steps.

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