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How To Repair Concrete Porch

Has your concrete porch started showing signs of wear and tear? It is inevitable for any concrete surfaces to start showing some light or deep cracks after a certain amount of years of service. Cracks, wears, and tears may also appear when the surface is unable to keep up with the amount of heavy pressure.

If you are experiencing such problems, then we have just the solution for you. Even though it is completely recommended to seek professional help instead, there are some things that the homeowner themselves can do to help their concrete porch. Here is a quick step-by-step procedure guide that would surely help you.

Concrete Porch Step By Step Repair


Naturally, before we proceed with any concrete work, the first important step would be to prepare the damaged concrete surface. This process includes scraping off the loose concrete parts by using your wire brush and putty knife that is prepared beforehand. With this, any small pieces can be easily removed.


As the smaller chipped concrete debris is removed, it is time to clean the surface of the concrete porch. As the smaller pieces have already been removed, there would be no need to do any over-the-top cleaning. Experts would recommend using some plain solution of dish soap and water. 

Although it does not require any fancy cleaning, it is still important to be thorough when scrubbing the concrete surface with a brush. When it has been thoroughly cleansed, you may then proceed to utilize a hose in order to remove all dirt and soap with clean water. Using a spray nozzle would allow the hose to cleanse the surface better and easier.

If there is a pressure washer available, then it may be a great alternative to use in order to remove the small, loose concrete debri pieces and also to cleanse the soap off. Whatever method and tool you decide to use to remove the soap, always remember to allow the concrete to dry before making repairs.

Mixing Cement

When the previous steps are done, you can then proceed to mix cement. Different types or brands of cement may have their very own different recommended ratios of water to product for mixing, so be sure to follow the packaging’s instructions. 

The general rule when it comes to mixing cement is to simply mix a small amount of it, at least, as much as you can use in 5 minutes. This is the typical case as too much may end up making the mixture dry out, which would ultimately lead it to crumble.

Applying Cement

Using a small spray bottle, you may proceed to spray small amounts of water within the damaged area. The spray amount should only be enough for list mist. After that, proceed to use a trowel and head straight into applying your wet cement to the broken parts of the cement steps. 

It would be bad to leave some spaces within the cracks, which could end up causing it to crumble once again. And so, make sure you’re really working it into all of the nooks and crannies.

Building The Cement

When the wet cement has been applied within the cracks, you can use a flat board in order to help with making the shape or the step flat and level like the way it used to be.


All the steps have pretty much been achieved, so, the last step would be to take care of the final product. The shape of the steps or surface should already be done and pretty much perfect. Spray again some water from the spray bottle, only enough to make the surface of the wet cement a little damper.

After doing so, you can take it upon yourself to use a smaller brush, be it a paintbrush or old toothbrush, in order to go over the surface of the new cement for a brushed texture.

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As said before, professionals are really recommended when it comes to these kinds of work. Even with smaller cracks, it may make the concrete porch unattractive or even lead to bigger, and more serious concrete problems. Even with the extra amount of time and energy a homeowner may have, it may just not be worth it.

You can contact our professional at Tampa concrete contractors to take care of these problems. It would also prove useful to have the thoughts of a professional when dealing with bigger, more serious cracks and damages.