About Tampa Florida

Tampa is a city that is situated on the Gulf Coast in Florida, U.S. The city stretches out as far as the east shore of Old Tampa Bay until the north shore of Tampa Bay and can be considered the largest city in the Tampa Bay area. As of the 2020 census, Tampa, Florida was recorded to have a population of 384,959. 

The city is also well-known for being a major business center along with its multiple museums and other cultural offerings. Although the city first started as a military center during the 19th century with the establishment of Fort Brooke, the place was later on reincorporated into a city. And as of today, the city of Tampa’s economy is being pushed by tourism, health care, finance, insurance, technology, construction, and the maritime industries.

Tampa is also widely known for its many historic architecture and modern landmarks. Aside from these, there are iconic cultures that are mixed in with Cuban and Spanish tastes. There are also some vibrant business districts, beautiful waterways, and great places to work, play, and ease up. There are even numerous gorgeous urban parks.

For residents and visitors alike, there’s no shortage of things to do in Tampa, whether it’s paddling along the Hillsborough River, sampling tequila at a margarita festival, and even enjoying a pro football or hockey game, riding a thrill-coaster at Busch Gardens.

If you’re planning to visit and stay in the area, then you would surely need to book a hotel for a few nights. Tampa has some high-quality hotels that would surely meet your needs. This includes The Westin Tampa Bay, which is located on Tampa Bay’s Rocky Point island, additionally, it is located relatively close to other attractions. Only 5 miles from Raymond James Stadium and 13 miles from Busch Gardens amusement park.

Other hotels include the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay that is located only 4.1 miles from Tampa International Airport and 9.1 miles from the Florida Aquarium, which could be advantageous in certain cases. It is also fully furnished with lots of entertaining amenities. The Hampton Inn & Suites in Tampa has located only two blocks from Streetcar Society Station, we’re ideal for exploring downtown Ybor.

Most Popular Places In Tampa, FL

As previously mentioned, the city of Tampa, Florida is rather popular for its many cultural offerings, therefore, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that you cannot decide which places to visit during your stay. Out of the many attractions in the area, here are some of the top sites that you surely shouldn’t miss out on.

Most Common Asked Florida Questions

Is Tampa Safe In Florida?

Tampa, Florida’s metropolitan area had about the same average crime rate as the average U.S. metro area but as of 2020, the crime rate was lowered. The northern part of the city is considered to be the safest area. The victim crime rate is known to be as high as 1 in 55 within the northern part of the metro area.

Is Tampa Florida Expensive?

Tampa, Florida is known to have a 5% lower than the U.S. average. Although it is generally considered to be lower, there are many factors to consider. These factors may be based on factors such as your career, your average salary, and the real estate market of that area. Additionally, although health, housing, utilities, and miscellaneous are lower than the national average, other factors such as groceries and transportation.